Propecia and Infertility

Propecia and Infertility

Is there a connection between Propecia and infertility? Many men taking Propecia and who are attempting to conceive achild with their wife, are concerned that Propecia will affect their sperm and possibly cause infertility problems.

Propecia also known as Finasteride is used by patients to prevent the enlargement of the prostate gland and some men use it to help with male pattern baldness. Problems obtaining an erection and also a reduction in the production of semen have been seen in about two percent of men who have used Propecia. Merck, who manufactures Propecia, has warned that men using Propecia can experience a reduction in the amount of semen that is released while having sex. Another study showed that although there was a decrease in the quantity of ejaculation matter for men using Propecia it was a 0.8 percent average decrease and for the men given a placebo the average decrease level was 0.4 percent.

The Effect of Propecia on Semen Count

Studies have shown that if men have problems with their semen count due to taking Propecia, when they stop taking the drug the semen count problem usually disappears. Researchers from one study claimed that males who take Propecia for more than a year the side affects form Propecia diminish although their have not been other studies to confirm this conclusion.

A study done by researchers concerning Propecia and infertility consisted of 17,000 males who were fifty-five years and older. Some of the males were taking Propecia and the rest were taking a placebo. More sexual dysfunction problems occurred in the males who took Propecia than those who were given placebos but the problems decreased over time. The study of Propecia and infertility occurred for a period of seven years and the sexual dysfunction problems dissipated during those years.

Propecia and Infertility- Long Term Side Effects

The study suggests that men who take Propecia do not have a risk in the long term with their fertility. There does seem to be enough evidence to conclude that in some men it can cause impotence. It can also lower the amount of semen that is produced and some men loose some of their desire to have sex. Studies have shown that even when there is a reduction in the quantity of semen produced by men that does not necessarily cause fertility problems.

Some researchers and doctors do not believe that men taking Propecia should be concerned about Propecia and infertility problems but if you are not comfortable taking Propecia due to the possibility of a connection of Propecia and infertility problems you might want to discuss with your doctor some of the other options you have in preventing and enlargement of your prostate glands or for dealing with hair loss due to male pattern baldness.

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