The Portable Pediatrician

The Portable Pediatrician

Everything You Need to Know About Your Child''s HealthWritten by: William Sears, Martha Sears, Robert Sears, M.D., James Sears, Peter Sears
Reviewed by: Johanna LoPorto

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The Review:

I have to start this post by being very honest, as mother and father, we always wish our kids well and taken care of. Yet, sometimes when my son is unhealthy, I just don''t wish to take him to the physician. Franco is 20 months old and attending daycare, he is always coming down with one thing or another, so I requested The Portable Pediatrician to review as I heard it was the best solution a mother should have in their home.

Simply said-"The Portable Pediatrician" is awesome. Sometimes, we are not confident whether to take our kid to the emergency room to wait endless hours, for something that may not be life-threatening. Well, that is where The Portable Pediatrician comes in. This book is a must have reference for every home regardless of your child''s age. The Portable Pedetrician is part of the Dr.

Sears Parenting Library that was recently published on February 23rd and covers everything from a common cold, ear aches, teething to learning disabilitiesvaccines, and so much more. This book even goes from newborn development all the way to puberty. It contains diagrams and little synopsis of when you should worry, seek a doctor or simply try a remedy at home. The Portable Pediatrician is that general but also that extreme, discussing common diseases to more serious conditions.

The format of the book is simple to read and alike to an encyclopedia, with all topic listed from A-z which I found very convenient. The data offered is practical and detailed. I have had "The Portable Pediatrician" for about a month now and have had the chance to put some of the advice to practice. The results were awesome.

Please know however, "The Portable Pediatrician" is no way to be used to eliminate health for your kid, but simply, to be used as a useful guide. I just like the fact that I have something to refer to when Franco is not feeling well.

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